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The 2:52 Challenge is now a four year Christian youth programme for 14-25 year olds.


The four streams of activities are based on Jesus early life as described in Luke 2:52 and build together into an exciting, fun packed programme.


In the Skills stream, learn core skills including first aid, financial management and health and hygiene, performing arts, basic car maintenance and much more.


In the Fitness stream, work with our trained athletes to develop a personal fitness plan that improves your core strength and stamina. We'll talk to you about the food and nutrition that is most beneficial to a healthy lifestyle and help you prepare some healthy meals. Finally you will take part in a six week outdoor skills course that finishes with a testing two day camping and trekking expedition.


In the Spiritual stream, develop your spiritual life. Together and individually you will be encouraged to develop spiritual habits that will help you through life's ups and downs.


In the Community stream, work together to help your community and campaign for causes you feel strongly about. You might find yourself gardening, decorating, writing letters or making a film. Much of it is up to you.


The 2:52 Challenge doesn't stop with our weekly activities. throughout the programme you will be fundraising towards your Overseas Experience.


Each Overseas Experience is 1-6 weeks long, just right for you to put everything you have learned during the year into practice.


You will spend time with our one of our project partners in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia or South America where you will serve a local charity. You will take part in practical activities with the local community to build houses, playgrounds, gardens, clinics, schools or similar. You will also help out at a local church, taking part in services, home visits and/or crusades.



New group coming to Scunthorpe Riddings autumn 2016