New group coming to Scunthorpe Riddings in November 2016


The 2:52 Challenge is a four year youth programme for 14-25 year olds.


The four streams of activities are based on Jesus early life as described in Luke 2:52 and build together into an exciting, fun packed programme.

Part 2 of the programme, for those over 16 includes an Overseas Experience where you will provide practial support to some of the poorest communities in the world.

This stream is designed to give you practical new skills that will help you throughout your life. 

Skills could include money management, first aid, health and hygiene or workshops about DIY, expressive arts, food and media. Many of our skills workshops will count towards ASDAN short course certificates.


The skills you learn in this stream will help you give practical help to the project partner and their local community when you are on your Overseas Experience.

In the Fitness Stream our trained athletes will measure your fitness levels and recommend activities and exercises that are designed to get you fitter and healthier.


You will be working at your own pace and all targets will be personalised to you with the aim of helping you to build stamina and core strength.


Our nutritionist will talk to you about food that will help you get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle.


Some weeks we will put into practise what we are learning and join in an aerobic fitness class


During the course you will take part in a short camping and trekking expedition.

In the Spiritual Stream we will be helping you to work out what spirituality means for you. We will attempt to answer the big questions like 'Does God exist?' and 'Who was Jesus?' But we will also look at spiritual disciplines like prayer, worship, fasting and meditation and how they can help us bring balance to our lives. 

There will be opportunities for you to attend conferences and events and we will have regular guest speakers that can tell you about their real life experiences.


On the Overseas Experience you may be helping a local church pastor by joining in with church services, home visits and anything else that they require. It will be a chance to put everything you learn in this stream into practise.

The Community Stream is to help you develop as active members of society, both locally, nationally and internationally.


You will work together in small groups to volunteer in your community and do acts of charity.


You also be required to choose a cause that you feel strongly about. 

You will need to research into the cause, give a presentation to your group about it and take an active part in one of their campaigns.


To pass this part of the 2:52 Challenge you will need to take part in at least 60 hours of community activities each year.