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Reflection Day

At the end of every week during 52 Days of Prayers we are asking you to spend a little time reflecting on what you have read, heard and discussed during the week.

Personal Reflection

  1. Set aside 20-30 mins each week for personal reflection.

  2. Find somewhere quiet to sit.

  3. You might want some paper and a pencil to make a note of your thoughts.

  4. Pray. Ask God what he wants to say to you. Wait quietly before moving on.

  5. Pick one of the prayers you read during the week and read some of the verses before and after.

  6. Ask yourself again

    1. What is good about it?

    2. What is difficult about it?

    3. What does it tell me about God?

    4. What does it tell me about me?

  7. Think about what you need to do in response, what needs to change in your life?

  8. Pray again, Thank God for His Word and ask him to help you in the week ahead.


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