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Virtual Lent Pilgrimage

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Our virtual lent pilgrimage will see 2:52 Challenge members, friends and anyone who wants to join in, journeying 120 miles under their own steam during Lent.

How We Are Doing Our Pilgrimage

Participants can walk, run, cycle, skip, roller skate, row or whatever to complete the pilgrimage. So long as the miles are completed by people power and not in a car, on a hoverboard or anything motorised.

The 120 miles can be completed in your local park, around your local streets, or by pacing back and forth in your bedroom. 120 miles is the approximate distance that Jesus would have walked from Galilee to Jerusalem, arriving in Jerusalem on the Sunday before Passover, known to us as Palm Sunday.

You might think that 120 miles is a long way but if you break it down into smaller journeys it makes it much more manageable. We recommend that you try to walk 5 miles a day, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks. We estimate that 5 miles is roughly 10,000 - 11,000 steps depending on your size, so if you can't get outside you could do 11,000 steps inside.

Sign up for the Virtual Lent Pilgrimage

Anyone can take part in our Virtual Lent Pilgrimage. Simply sign up below. Further down this page you can download resources to share on social media to tell everyone what you are doing.


To support those taking part in the Virtual Lent Pilgrimage you can donate at All money raised will support our Project Partners in The Philippines and Zambia to support the education of some of the most deprived young people in their communities.

Safety Tips For Participants:

  • Please be careful to observe COVID rules, currently you are allowed outside once a day to exercise.

  • Let a parent or guardian know where you will be at all times

  • Observe road safety at all times

  • Do not go out when it is dark on your own

  • At home, ensure there are no trip hazards


Download these resources and share them on your social media feeds to tell your contacts about you pilgrimage.

Use the hashtags #252challenge and #252virtualpilgrimage

Download ZIP • 10.60MB


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