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It has been said that ‘most people don’t live their life, most people accept it.’ 

The 2:52 Challenge is a discipleship programme for 14-25 year-olds. The programme can be run as a general awards programme or adapted to focus on a particular theme or common interest. It is suitable for young people of any ability and is easily adapted for use with young people who have additional learning or physical needs. 


It is designed to challenge young people, not to simply accept their life, but to grow and live their life on purpose. We want young people to choose to live their life to the max. 


The main part of the programme is divided into four parts: 


challenges young people to develop useful skills that will benefit them throughout life. 


challenges young people to get fit and live a healthy life.


challenges young people to explore their spirituality and examine some of life’s big questions.


challenges young people to become active members of the community; locally, nationally or globally.

The final part of the programme, for those over 16 years, challenges young people to Get Overseas and, through our travel arm, Soapbox Trips, volunteer among some of the poorest people in the world. 


 The 2:52 Challenge welcomes every young person, whatever their ability, faith, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or whatever. Every young person has a God given purpose and can live their life on purpose. 

The 2:52 Challenge is about encouraging young people to develop healthy habits, in all programme areas, that will last a lifetime.

The 2:52 Challenge aims to publicly recognise and celebrate every achievement. Nationally recognised qualifications are awarded wherever possible and certificates are presented for every completed challenge. Most challenges can be tailored to suit the needs of the participants ensuring that it is possible for everyone to take part and everyone to be challenged. 

The 2:52 Challenge actively promotes the development of community. The 2:52 Challenge actively encourages church and community members to share their skills and knowledge with 2:52 Challenge participants. This can be through workshops and challenges that are part of, or in addition to, the main awards programme. In return, young people are encouraged to share the skills they are learning with church and community members through regular ‘supporter events.’


Prayer is key! We aim to have at least one or two prayer supporters praying throughout every 2:52 Challenge activity.

The 2:52 Challenge is a vehicle for youth leaders to get alongside young people and to ‘Be The One.’ To be the person in a young person’s life to spot a potential that they didn’t know they had, to encourage them to expand their comfort zone, to give them support when they need it, to expect them to achieve more, to celebrate when they try something new, to introduce them to Jesus and most importantly, to openly and honestly demonstrate what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 

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